Elected Officials

City Council

        James Eister                    Chris Ries                  Richard Reichner             

The goals of the City Council are to enact responsible legislation for the prudent and ethical operation of the City Government, to assist in the planning of the City's revitalization and future, and to maintain free and open discussions with the City Administration and City residents to ensure smooth and efficient operation of government for the City of Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

City of Sunbury voters elect a Mayor and 4-member Council who each serve for a 4-year term.  Council members are elected every two years; with three members at one election and two members at the other election.  The Council is responsible for planning for the future, enacting ordinances, establishing local tax rates, approving the budget, and providing an oversight of the current needs of the community. 

The responsibilities of Council may be viewed by the following functional areas:
·         Municipal Services
·         Advisory Boards & Commissions
·         Taxes, Revenues & Budget
·         Laws & Regulations

The City Council shares the authority and duties of running the city with the City Mayor.  Council members each have specific departments that are their responsibilities to oversee:

Department of Public Affairs (Mayor Karlovich)
           City Administrator
           Community Development

Department of Accounts and Finance (Richard Reichner)

Department of Public Safety (Chris Ries)
            Community Health Officer
            Emergency Management
            Fire Departments
            Code Administration

Department of Streets and Public Improvements ( Josh Brosious )
           Department of Public Works

Department of Parks and Public Property ( James Eister)
            Parks and Recreation

The regular Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:15 PM in the council chambers.