As the city health officer, I strive to ensure that all the residents and visitors to the City of Sunbury stay protected from disease while visiting our many eating and drinking establishments.  The City of Sunbury is a Third Class City, and in accordance with state laws, is required to have a health department and certified health officer. 

        Mary Sue Smith         City Health Officer

Health Officer
225 Market St
Sunbury, PA 17801
Tel: 570-713-5027                                           

I graduated from Warrior Run in 2001.  After a slight hiatus, I continued my education at Bloomsburg University.  When I first began my college education, I was undecided on my ambitions.  As I continued my college career, I fell in love with Biology.  After I took my first Microbiology class, I knew I had found my niche.  Before the end of my sophomore year, I had decided to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology concentrating in Microbiology; also taking a minor in Anthropology. 

My part-time  job is protecting you.  I currently hold two health officer positions, one for the City of Sunbury and the other for the Borough of Northumberland.

To hold the position of a health officer, you must be certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, be a certified civil servant, and have a vast knowledge of disease and how it is transmitted.

Health officers inspect many facilities considered eating and drinking establishments.  Some examples include restaurants, bars, grocery stores, food stands/carts, and any other commercial establishments carrying perishable foods.

Summer Health Tips:

Stop the spread of West Nile Virus:
Eliminate all still water such as unused pools, old tires, pans/cans and clogged rain gutters.
Don't overlook yard ponds that are stagnant.

Summer picnics:
Remember to keep hot foods HOT - above 135 degrees F., and Cold food COLD below 41 degrees F.
Foods sitting out between 41 degrees F and 135 degrees F for more than 2 hours should be discarded.

Remember - to protect food from flies!

City Health Officer