Treasurer's Office

225 Market St
Sunbury, PA 17801
Tel: 570-286-4588
Fax: 570-286-4525                                                          
Open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm                    Kevin Troup / Treasurer                        

All monies payable to the city are handled by the City Treasurer's office.
The Treasurer's office collects taxes for the city/ county/ Shikellamy School District, counts parking meter monies from meters/lots, and maintains a list of tax payers, properties and businesses. 
The Treasurer's office also handles City Payroll, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, all reports, direct deposit, parking permits and business licenses.
We file reports with the state government/ federal government/ county/ school district/ local government/ city as well as reports for retirement/ pension plans/ police/ non-uniform. 


                                                Treasurer's Office Clerk                       Accounting Manager
                                                         Penny Scholl                                        Cathy Geiger 

Local Services Tax (LST) forms will be mailed to all employers and self-employed people in Sunbury.  The amount of the withholding will be $1.00 per week or $2.00 if pays are by-weekley.  This amount is to be remitted on a quarterly basis to the City Of Sunbury Treasurer's office. LST forms can be downloaded and mailed to us.
The amount of the tax is still $52.00 and if it is paid twice you may apply for a refund after the first of the following year. 
Forms for a Refund or an Exemption from the LST can be downloaded below and mailed back to us or forms can be picked up at the Treasurer's office at 225 Market Street Sunbury PA 17801.
The Business License application forms are mailed to all businesses in March to be returned to our office in April.
In the beginning of March, the City/County Personal and Property Taxes are mailed and in July the Shikellamy School District Personal and Property Taxes are mailed to all residents. Personal taxes are sent to those age 18 and older and Property Taxes are sent if you are a property owner.  It is the responsilbity of the tax payer to notify the Treasurer's Office if they do not receive any taxes during that time frame. It is also the responsilbity of the tax payer to notify the Treasurer's Office if there are any name and/or address corrections. If you need a reclassification form for the personal taxes, it is listed below in a PDF file. This will need to be completed and promptly returned the Treasurer's Office for processing. Reminder notices are sent in November to all unpaid tax payers. Taxes will be accepted until December 31 in the Treasurer's Office. After that personal taxes are turned over to Statewide Tax Recovery and property taxes are turned over the Northumberland Tax Claims Bureau.

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