City Controller


The Controller is one of six elected offices in the City of Sunbury. The term of the office is four years and is not subject to term limitation. The  Controller is independent of the Mayor and City Council.

The Controller typically performs the following functions:

> Has financial oversight of City finances, independent of the Executive and Legislative branches and shall review all expenditures of all City departments, the Mayor, City Council and City boards, commissions, agencies and authorities for whom the City provides financial guarantees;   
> Review the Annual Budget before approval by City Council, and make nonbinding recommendations to the Mayor and to City Council for consideration, if he or she deems it necessary; 
> Perform specific audits of City finances from time to time as requested by the Mayor or by City Council;   
> Report to the Mayor and to City Council, on the progress of the implementation of any recommendations as found in the Annual Audit and Management Letter;   
> Assist in all audits conducted by independent auditors; 
> Assure the accurate and timely completion and submittal of audit reports along with appropriate follow-up recommendations;   
> Furnish to City Council, the Mayor, and others, as appropriate, periodic reports of audits conducted;   
> Interpret and communicate audit policies and procedures to all City management and staff;   
> Direct internal financial security and loss investigation activities; 
> Perform financial and department reviews as deemed necessary by the Controller.  
> In addition the Controller audits the bank accounts of City related authorities, boards and commissions as well as acting as the repository for all City contracts, leases and other agreements.

Daniel Saxton City Controller