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The Municipal Authority of the City of Sunbury Water Department located at 1600 Market Street Sunbury, PA is a municipally-operated water supplier.  The Filtration Plant is permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to pump 5.0 million gallons per day.  We currently pump an average of nine hours a day or approximately 2.5 million gallons of water per day. The total staff of the Sunbury Water Department consists of 8 employees.

Our primary water source is Little Shamokin Creek.  Upstream on the creek, above the Filtration Plant, a dam is located.  The dam withholds three million gallons of water forming reservoir #1.  The water flows by gravity from reservoir #1 through sixteen inch pipes to the large raw water reservoirs # 4 and # 5.  Reservoir # 4 holds seventeen million gallons of water.  Reservoir # 5 holds twenty five million gallons of water.

During dry weather or drought conditions water is pumped from our secondary source the Susquehanna River. The intake is on the west branch of the river.

The treated water is pumped through a transmission and distribution system consisting of over 35 miles of pipe ranging in size from 3/4" Service lines to 24" Transmission mains to the City's consumers.  The Distribution system has close to five thousand connections and one hundred fifty nine fire hydrants.  The Municipal Authority supplies potable water and water for fire protection to the City of Sunbury and a portion of Upper Augusta Township. The Water Department currently serves a population of approximately 10,000.

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U.S. citizens use approximately 35 billion gallons of water a day for household, industrial, and agricultural uses.  Unlike the dry western areas of the country, in this area we often overlook the importance of conserving water.  Demands on our water resources has increased and we must take action to ensure water for the future.

Practicing water conservation on a regular basis can prevent or postpone the building of new water supply infrastructure.  When utilities are able to reduce demand, they can frequently extend the life of existing infrastructure, saving their consumers the cost of building or renovating.  Conservation can also reduce the amount of water that needs to be processed by wastewater treatment plants, again preserving infrastructure and also reducing the amount of waste discharged to streams and rivers.  To learn how you can practice water conservation follow the link: 

Sunbury Municipal Authority

Sunbury Municipal Authority
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Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Hydrant Flushing
Flushing of FIRE HYDRANTS is one of the regular measures taken to maintain the system.  This practice is done over the course of one week each spring and fall. Hydrant flushing does not affect every resident, but water may be discolored at times in certain sections of the City.  The discolored water is safe for drinking and bathing, but can stain clothes being laundered.  If clothing is inadvertently stained, residents should keep the items wet until rust remover can be obtained.  

Haloacetic Acids (HAA) Above Drinking Water Standards 09/01/2008

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