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Benefit Band Concert
The Sunbury City Band will present its 2018 Holiday Concert on Monday, December 17th, 7:00pm, at the Zion Lutheran Church in Sunbury. This will be a benefit concert for the Shikellamy band program. We will not charge admission, but any proceeds and donations will go to their band program. They recently lost their band truck in a fire, and we'd like to do what we can to help with that and with additional expenses that band programs can incur. 
Students from the Shikellamy band will also be participating in our concert on the 17th. We're going to perform a few of the tunes they are performing in their school band, and they'll be joining us for those numbers. 
We'd like to make this as successful as we possibly can. Band is something that everyone can participate in, and we'd like to raise awareness for just how financially strapped these programs can be. 
The SCB will have its final rehearsal before we "hit the road" on Monday evening, November 12th at 7:00pm (First Presbyterian Church). I would welcome anyone who would like to take pictures, interview band members, do a radio interview, etc. I am also working closely with the Shikellamy band boosters to help promote this joint venture.  

​​Position Opening: Police Officer

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Cooking for Crowds ( A Volunteers Guide to Safe Food Handling )

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Street Construction ( UGI ):

Our scope of work is North Fourth Street between Market Street and Lincoln Street.  We plan to start at Market and 4th on 7/16, and work toward the end point at Lincoln Street.  We hope to finish the 4th Street work by the end of September, however depending upon any unexpected delays, that end date may extend into October.  We will not be working beyond Lincoln Street on Fourth.  I have fielded several calls from businesses and residents on 4th Street, and have given them this same information.  We plan to communicate with customers (including businesses) within our work area several days prior to reaching their location so that they may make plans for parking, etc.  If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. 

David C. Fisher – Sr. Supervisor, Operations
UGI – South Point Office
1349 Susquehanna Trail
Northumberland, PA 17857

State Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver:

Flood Safety Awareness


Where"s My Plow? - PennDOT Snow Plow Map

Sunbury Ice Skating Rink  ---  Schedule, Rates & Information

Chestnut Street Project - Phase II

The Chestnut Street Phase 2 project is set to begin Monday June 5, 2017, between 5th Street and 7th Street.  Traffic will be one way in the opposite direction on Chestnut Street between 7th Street and 10th Street.  You must turn on to 7th Street to exit Chestnut Street.  This will allow access to the Chestnut Street Deli, The Chestnut Towers and The Department of Revenue.   Road signage will be installed at that time to demonstrate how traffic will be routed.

Traffic will not be affected from Front Street to 5th Street.  Residents between 7th Street and 10th Street should use their rear access to their property.    Parking will be available behind the City Warehouse at Chestnut Street and Awl Street on a first come basis.

Please contact the office if additional parking is needed. Part of this project will be the separation of the sewer and storm water mains in addition to the sidewalk and curb work. The contractor (G & R Charles) will be installing new lateral lines from the sewer and storm mains and extending them to the house side of your new sidewalks. A representative will be present from the Authority to observe the condition of your remaining sewer lateral into your house. If this line is considered to be unsatisfactory, you will be required by the Authority to replace your sewer service line at that time. This replacement and cost will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Downspouts will also be run under the sidewalks and connect to the storm water mains as is required by City Code 139-17. This portion of the project area will be closed approximately 3 to 4 weeks. You will be notified when the contractors are ready to move to the next section. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cheryl Delsite at 570.286.7820 or cdelsite@sunburypa.org. Each question and concern will be addressed as quickly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we complete this important project.


Lyme Disease Awareness Month:

Recognizing Lyme Disease Awareness Month in PA By Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-Northumberland/Snyder) Spring has sprung, and so has the desire to spend time in the great outdoors. In May, we recognize Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Pennsylvania, because it is important to remember the dangers that deer ticks can carry. Several scientific and media reports claim that due to our mild winter, we could have a bad tick season ahead, and I want to take this opportunity to share some helpful information. Deer ticks are the primary carrier of Lyme disease, which is a zoonotic disease – or transmissible between animals and humans. The Department of Environmental Protection released a study last year confirming a high risk of Lyme in every county of the Commonwealth, as deer ticks have been found in all 67 counties. We lead the nation in confirmed cases of Lyme disease. To prevent against Lyme, the Department of Health recommends using insect repellent with DEET and wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants when venturing outdoors, along with checking for – and promptly and properly removing – any ticks when you return, and showering shortly after exposure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that some of the early signs (3-30 days after tick bite) include rash, fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle joint aches and swollen lymph nodes. Some of the late signs and symptoms (days to months after tick bite) include severe headaches and neck stiffness, facial palsy, heart palpitations, and intermittent pain in tendons. House Bill 174 was approved by the House Health Committee in early May to help ensure patients have access to emerging diagnostic and treatment options for Lyme disease. It would require health insurers to cover treatment plans for Lyme disease or related tick-borne illnesses as prescribed by a health care practitioner. The bill will go to the full House for consideration. For more information about Lyme disease in Pennsylvania, I encourage you to visit www.health.pa.gov and search for Lyme disease.


Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver....working for the 108th Legislative District Representative Culver and her staff would like to take this time to remind you that their office can assist with completing and mailing various PennDOT applications and renewal forms with expedited processing. Examples of common forms they assist with are vehicle registration renewals (including reduced registration for retired individuals whose income does not exceed $19,200), driver’s license renewals, disability parking placards, duplicate titles, applications for photo ID cards, change of address, and more. Additionally, their office offers complimentary notary services. For assistance you can visit their office at 106 Arch Street, Sunbury, Monday – Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, or call the office at 570-286-5885 (toll-free at 1-800-924-9060).


Did you know that retirees in Pennsylvania who receive Social Security or other pension funds whose incomes did not exceed $19,200 annually may register one passenger car or non-commercial light truck at a reduced rate? Have you ever needed a form notarized? Or how about a copy of a birth or death certificate for the fraction of a cost and time it takes to do it yourself? These are just a few of the services that my district office staff in Sunbury can assist you with. If we don’t have the answer or solution to your request, we will do our best to connect you to the proper resource. The office, located at 106 Arch St. in Sunbury, is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The phone number is 570-286-5885, and the toll-free number is 1-800-924-9060. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest state-related news and information by visiting my website, www.LyndaCulver.com, or my legislative Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/RepCulver. 


Please call 570.286.5761 to schedule brush pick up.  If you get the voice mail, please leave the address, if it is bagged or loose, and your telephone number.  They will not pick up piles bigger that 2' x 2' x 4'.  Brush is only picked up on Mondays. 
The crew will put it on their list to schedule the pick up.
The brush pile is open every Saturday from 7:30 am to 12 noon during the spring, summer and fall.  Or you can schedule to have the gate open during the week by calling 570.286.5761.    Thank you.


The Sunbury City Band is looking for new members! We are a proud and talented local music ensemble which performs at a variety of venues throughout the year. Our repertoire  encompasses a wide range of styles from Broadway show tunes to patriotic music to marches.  We rehearse every Monday beginning on January 28th at Haines Music in Selinsgrove at 7:00pm. Dust off that horn you haven't touched in years and come give us a try! We welcome musicians of all ages and abilities! You can also visit us on Facebook for more information. Hope to see you there!"


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