Parks and Public Property

Parks and Public Property
249 Memorial Drive
Sunbury, PA 17801
Tel: 570-286-1441

Sunbury has many exciting playgrounds, parks, and other recreational

areas for you and your family to enjoy. Just click on one of the links on

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Assistant Playground Director:  Samantha Poff

Staff:      Tammy Forbes and Carl Yoder

Fees:      There is no fee to use the playgrounds.

Reservations:     Any individual may reserve space in a playground for a party or gathering during supervised hours, at no fee, with the exception of the Oppenheimer Playground. The Oppenheimer Playground is not available for private space party reservations.  However, you may rent tables at the Oppenheimer Playground during normal playground hours, for up to two hours, for a fee. Please see the Oppenheimer Table Rental Agreement.pdf  for rates. All playgrounds will remain open for continued use to the general public. You may not reserve an entire playground. We ask the following for those interested in having a private party or gathering at our playgrounds:

> Fill out an "Application for Private Use of a Public Facility" Form                                                                                     

> Be responsible and clean up after the event

Events:      All events will be forthcoming and be listed on the website and in the Daily Item Newspaper.

Rules:     Each playground / park may have it's own set of rules that park visitors are asked to follow, you should refer to the listing for the individual parks for those special rules.

Here are rules that apply to ALL City of Sunbury park facilities:

1. All children must have a "Playground Emergency Contact Information" form on file.  This form can be downloaded by clicking on the link shown here, and are also supplied by the playground supervisors.  Completed forms are to be returned to the playground supervisor.

2. NO foul language

3. NO fighting

4. NO spitting

5. NO throwing stones, sticks, etc.

6. Shoes must be worn at all times

7. You are responsible for what you get out. Put it back if you get it out.

8. NO bike riding inside the fenced area

Parks & Public Property

                           Ron Pratt                               Director of Pool & Playground Operations

James Eister / City Council Director of Parks & Recreation