The graph below gives you an idea of prices for our members and non-members.
                                                                We are always giving you more for less!!

               ** The prices below are for a total party of 35.  Over 35, there will be $3.50 / person charge **

The Sunbury Community Pool may be rented for private gatherings, reunions, or parties.

Monday - Friday Rentals:   7:15 -9:15
Saturday and Sunday Rentals:   5:00-7:00 OR 7:15-9:15

You may also wish to rent a space to have your party during pool hours.
Please call 286-1441(after June 8, 2017), or 286-7820 (before June 8, 2017)

for more details on our rental packages.

Community Pool Rental

                                                                            Rules for Private Rentals
1.       A total of 35 people will be allowed in the party. Any number over 35 (swimmer or non swimmer) a fee of $3.50 per person will  be charged.

2.       All rules apply that are posted for a normal operational day. These may be found on the wall beside the snack bar.
3.       All rules in effect for slide usage will be enforced during private rentals.
4.      If food is supplied by the Sunbury Pool, we will serve up to a TOTAL of 35 people per contract. There will be no “doggy bag” service if under 35 persons.
5.       Outside vending will be defined as the following but not limited to:
          a)      No outside food that consist of hot/heated served food (pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, casseroles, etc.). The Sunbury Pool reserves the right to 
charge for outside food if brought in during the rental.
          b)     No roasters, cookers, grills may be brought in to heat uncooked food.
          c)     No “fast food” or “restaurant style food” may be brought in at any time during the rental.
6.       Birthday cake and cupcakes may be brought in for a private rental.
7.       Arrangements for the use of the Sunbury Pool "grill" must be made at least 5 days in advance. Outside vending fee + grill fee ($25) will apply.

I agree to pay $20 pool rental "reservation fee" which is non-refundable. I agree to pay the remaining balance on the said date of rental, due prior to the rental start. I understand that no refunds will be made unless rental is denied.  I further agree to all regulations stated on all pages of this agreement. I understand I will be billed for any damages incurred while my group is renting the facilities listed above. I hereby waive and release all rights and claims for damages I may have against the Sunbury Community Pool, the City of Sunbury and it’s employees ( hereinafter called the "lessors" ) for any injuries suffered by anyone associated with this rental before, during and after the rental listed above. I also agree to indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the lessors and each of them from any loss, liability, damages, or cost they may incur arising from the renter's operations at the Sunbury Community Pool premises, including, but not limited to use of the Sunbury Community Pool equipment
or facilities, regardless of whether such harm is caused by the sole or partial fault of the renter's.