Sunbury Redevelopment Authority

The OLD 202 Washington Avenue

The NEW 202 Washington Avenue

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Sunbury was established in 1971 to redevelop and rehabilitate blighted areas and to prevent property deterioration in other areas.

Today, the Redevelopment Authority has been re-energized with an active Board that works closely with the Mayor and City Council to continue the fight on blighted properties. In conjunction with the City Solicitor's office, the Authority is targeting the most severe cases, which most times involve vacant and abandoned properties that are in a severe state of disrepair.

To date, the Redevelopment Authority has acquired properties, demolished properties, sold at Public Auction and successfully completed a full Redevelopment Project, which involved the acquisition, demolition and reconstruction of a new home within the City. This property was recently sold to an area teacher and placed back on the tax rolls.

The goal of the Authority is to take a thoughtful and systematic approach to the acquisition and subsequent redevelopment of Blighted Properties within the City of Sunbury and to aid in the Revitalization of the place we call home.

Board Members:
Adam Purdy, Chairperson
Jeff Balestrini
Clayton Rowe
Gary Wolfe
Aimee Buehner
Kurt Karlovich, Mayor
Linda Sterling, SEDA-COG Rep
Brianna Apfelbaum-Kula, Solicitor