"Gettin' a little air"

July 8th, 2017 - 3rd Annual Summer Slam:

Timber Skate Shop 3rd Annual Sunbury Slam.pdf

Skate Park

The Skate Park is the perfect place for both beginners and advanced Extreme Sports riders.

Sunbury is proud of the fact that this park was designed by professionals and our local riders.

There is no charge for using the park, but there is one requirement ... you must wear a helmet. If you don’t, the police are authorized to take your board, bike or skates for 30-days (first offense).

The tri-level rail will challenge any skateboarder or skater. 
Skateboarders, bike riders and skaters get their thrills on these inclines.

Your imagination is your only limit.

If this is what you’ve been looking for, Sunbury has it. 
Sunbury has the best Skate Park in the area, and we’re looking forward to our riders being on the “X Games” someday.

Skate Park

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