The City of Sunbury is classified as a Third Class City and operates under Pennsylvania Third Class City Code.  Sunbury was incorporated as a City December 29, 1921 and has a commission style of government consisting of a Mayor and four members of Council, all having equal power. The Mayor is a member and serves as president of the Council.  Each Council member and the Mayor is in charge of one of the city’s major departments. These officials, the Controller, and the Treasurer are elected at-large for four-year terms. Appointments of all other city officers and employees are made by the City Council.

Elected Officials


City Administration

Boards, Authorities, & Commissions

Open Records Policy

The City of Sunbury complies with the PA Right To Know requirements.  Those documents that are public record are accessible through the procedures outlined in the City Open Records Policy and Procedures.
Requests must be made in writing, either through email, regular mail, in-person and/or facsimile to the appropriate City Right To Know Officer.  Anonymous requests will not be accepted. 

Our Right-to-Know Officers ( RTK Officers ):

  • Jody Ocker, City Administrator ( Primary )

  • Jolinn Barner, City Clerk ( Secondary )

The policy and procedures document contains the complete instructions as well as examples of eligible public records and examples of information that is NOT available through the Open Records Policy.

Download the complete City of Sunbury Open Records Policy and Procedures Document:

Download a copy of the City of Sunbury Records Request Form:

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Your Right to Know.  For information on our Open Records Policy and how to request a record, visit the Government page by clicking here

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