Eister Youth and Community Center

Initially constructed in 1960, the Sunbury Youth and Community Center was renamed the James R. Eister Youth and Community Center in 2017 in honor of the long-serving Councilman and Director of Parks and Public Property. The Center includes community pool, indoor ice skating rink, and outdoor tennis courts.

Sunbury Community Pool


249 Memorial Dr
Sunbury, PA 17801

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The Sunbury Community Pool has lots of exciting features and programs to beat the heat of summer!  Swimming lessons and lifeguard training are offered every year.  The pool features water slides, climbing walls, and a great kiddie area. Watch for announcements of business sponsorships and other special events throughout the summer. 

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For more information on pool rules, admission prices/season passes, and programs

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To prevent spread of colds, flu, and coronavirus, the Sunbury Parks and Recreation Department established the following guidelines for visitors our community pool.  The following measures are based on the guidance provided by PA for businesses, restaurant/food service businesses, and specific guidance from PA Parks and Rec Association for swimming pools.


Parents, caregivers, households, and individuals are responsible to take precautions to protect themselves, their children, and others.  Please adhere to CDC and Department of Health guidelines and recommendations while visiting our community pool.

  1. If you or someone in your household is not feeling well, please stay home.

  2. Social Distance.  Maintain social distancing of 6 feet between people from different households.  A household is a group of people who live together in the same residence.  Individual members of the household do not have to maintain social distance from each other; each household should maintain social distance from other households and individuals outside their own household; individuals should maintain social distance from other individuals and households.

  3. Pool, deck, grass, and pavilion areas.  Avoid overcrowding.  If the pool areas look too crowded for you to be able to maintain social distance, please use another area of the pool or come back another time.

  4. Entrance.  Visitors waiting in line for entry should keep 6 feet between people from different households.  Follow designated path for waiting in line.

  5. Admissions.  Masks must be worn by visitors and staff in the admissions area with exceptions for children under 2 years of age and people who cannot wear a mask due to medical condition.

  6. Snack bar.  Masks must be worn by visitors and staff in the snack bar area (same exceptions as #5 above).  Keep social distance while in line and follow the designated path to order, pick up and pay. 

  7. Cement deck and grassy areas.  Mask not required.  Visitors should space themselves out in the deck/grassy areas to keep 6 feet between people from different households

  8. Pool furniture.  Loungers, tables, and chairs supplied by Parks and Rec will be placed in such a way as to maintain social distance.  Disinfectant spray/wipes will be available for visitors to wipe down furniture before and after use.  Furniture should not be moved in order to maintain social distance.

  9. Staff working admissions and snack bar will wear masks and wipe counters with disinfectant at least every hour.  Staff must wash hands with soap and water every hour.

Your health and safety are our top priority.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink has become a very popular winter recreation spot for all of Central Pennsylvania. USA Hockey collegiate-level lighting, locker rooms, plus additional changing rooms support youth, adult, and college hockey programs.  Don't know how to skate?  No problem!  Figure skating lessons are available. Skate rental and adaptive equipment are also available.  The reception area features a beautiful stone fireplace with a roaring fire. Come in to warm up, have a bite to eat, or enjoy some hot chocolate from the concession stand.  

When the ice comes off, the rink is used for roller derby, roller hockey, and special events.

For more information on rink rules, admission prices/season passes, private use, ice time availability, and programs

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225 Market Street
Sunbury, PA  17801 
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