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Sunbury Fire Department

Sunbury Steam Fire Engine

Company No. 1

Center & Penn Streets
570 - 286 - 0657

Rescue Hose Company

800 Edison Avenue
570 - 286 - 9017

Americus Hose Company

100 Linden Street
570 - 286 - 1409

East Sunbury & Friendship Hose Company

215 Catawissa Avenue
570 - 286 - 5331

Good Will Hose Company

500 Reagan Street
570 - 286 - 2831

The Sunbury Fire Department consists of volunteer firefighters at 6 fire stations. Each fire station is home to a fire company and social club which have deep roots in the neighborhoods where they are located. Generations of families have served their community as volunteers to protect life and property from loss to fire.

We Need You!

Volunteers are always more than ever! Contact any of the fire stations listed if you are interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter, fire police officer, help with fundraisers, or participate on committees. Or simply become a member of a fire station! 

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