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What is an Ordinance

An ordinance is a form of action that the City Council can take, and once adopted the ordinance becomes an established law in the City.

Ordinance Process

A proposed ordinance happens when council votes on the first reading of a new ordinance. The second reading will not take place at the following council meeting in order to allow the public to have enough time to voice their opinion. A public notice will be given prior to the ordinance being considered for adoption (2nd reading). If the majority of council votes to accept the second reading the ordinance becomes a law of the City.

Proposed and Newly adopted ordinances can be found using the button below.

An ordinance becomes effective 10 days following the date of adoption.

After adoption ordinances may be codified, at which point they can be found on eCode, which can be accessed using the button below.

eCode is where all adopted ordinances can be found. eCode allows you to print, download, share, and receive update about ordinances.

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