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Parks and Recreation

Picture of James Eister


Jim Eister

Parks and Public Property Director

Parks & Recreation

249 Memorial Drive
Sunbury, PA 17801

t: 570-286-1441
f: 570-286-3090 


The Department of Parks and Public Property is commonly known as "Parks and Rec" and is responsible for all city parks, recreation activities, and city-owned properties and buildings, and the City Cemetery. Sunbury has many beautiful parks, exciting playgrounds, and other recreational areas for you and your family to enjoy. 

A Recreation Board provides oversight for the planning of Sunbury Celebration held annually in July. It is a wonderful family fun event with lots of free activities for kids and a spectacular fireworks display. The Board also oversees the management of Sunbury's sports complexes and playground programs.

Private use is available at some locations. Fees may apply. Use the boxes below to go to site-specific information.

Persing Recreational Complex

Baseball, softball fields, and skate park. For more information click button below.

Eister Youth & Community Center

Community Pool, Ice Rink, and Tennis Courts. For more information click button below.


Fort Discovery, Oppenheimer Pleasure Grounds (OPG), and many others. For more information click button below.


Cameron Park, Phillips Park, Keithan's Blue Bird Gardens, and many others. For more information click button below.

City Cemetery

Picture of City Cemetery

The City Cemetery is as old as the City itself. 


It is the burial place of Lewis Dewart (November 14, 1780 – April 26, 1852) and his son William Lewis Dewart (June 21, 1821 – April 19, 1888). Both men served in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Historical records regarding burial lots, burial permits, and burial logs have been scanned and are available in the File Share section. 

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