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Police Department


Sunbury Police Department

337 Arch St
Sunbury, PA 17801


Tel: 570-286-4584 (Office)

Tel: 570-988-4539 (non-emergency)

Fax: 570-286-6558

Emergencies Dial: 911

Sunbury Police Officers

Chief of Police


Bradley Hare

(Serving since 2001)

Keith Tamborelli

(Serving since 2019)


Travis Bremigen

(Serving since 2003)

Aaron Doyle

(Serving since 2019)

Trey Kurtz

(Serving since 2019)


Bradley Slack

(Serving since 2010)

Terry Ketchem

(Serving since 2019)

Dara Kieski

(Serving since 2020)

Gary Bregensir

(Serving since 2021)

Harry Nungesser

(Serving since 2021)

Shawn Williams

(Serving since 2021)

Our New Station

Grand Opening Picture with police officers and employees

A public service announcement from your Sunbury Police Department

Our officers are on patrol!

During regular patrols, officers will check buildings to ensure they are secure. Officers will leave a notification tag at your building to let you know they came by. If you have a business or other organization located in the City, please complete a Business Contact Form so an officer may contact you if needed. Email the completed form to or send by mail to Sunbury Police Department, 337 Arch Street, Sunbury PA 17801. This form is for law enforcement use only. Not for public release.

Victim Assistance

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime or domestic violence, please know that victims have rights and there is help available. Click here for a crime victim's information packet or go to for more information.

Use of Force Policy

In any necessary use of force, all police department personnel shall only utilize the force necessary to affect lawful objectives. See the Police Chief's review of the Use of Force Policy here.

How to report a crime

You can help!  If you witness an incident,  or have information about an incident, please contact the police.

For Emergencies 
Dial 911

For Non-Emergencies
Call 570-988-4539
Or use the Anonymous Tip Form

Our Officers Out and About!

Two Officers eating lunch in Cameron Park
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