Instructions for Virtual Council Meeting Participation

The City of Sunbury will use Zoom as its online/teleconference platform for City Council and other public meetings.

For best results, download the Zoom App on your computer or iOS device. However it is not necessary to download the app to join the meeting.

Meeting ID for all City meetings is 3041809771

Options for joining the meeting:

Phone only – you will not be able to see video or screen shares from host or other participants

Dial phone number: (929) 205-6099

When prompted, enter meeting ID: 3041809771 #

Enter # again

You’re in! use your microphone button or enter *6 to mute and unmute yourself. Remember to unmute only while you are actively speaking, and re-mute yourself when done speaking.

Computer/iOS device – preferred method, you will be able to see video of the Council and the screen shared by the host.

Without the Zoom App

Click on this link or type it into your web browser:

With the Zoom App on a computer:

Click on the Join button (blue button with + sign)

Enter the meeting ID: 3041809771

With the Zoom App on iOS device:

Click on Join a Meeting button

Enter the Meeting ID: 3041809771

Click Join button

A Zoom Meeting window will open with a smaller white window to choose audio conference options.

Choose Computer Audio or Phone Call for audio

To use your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers

Click Join with Computer Audio

If your computer does not have microphone/speakers and to use phone audio

Click on the Phone Call Tab near the top of the smaller white window

Dial any one of the US telephone numbers displayed

When prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 3041809771 #

When prompted, enter the P