Post-Storm Recovery

Good morning, Sunbury! Just spoke with DPW Supervisor Steve for an update on the night. They had many challenges and issues come up including a water main break at 4th / Reagan; getting an ambulance through to an address on Greenough; and plow trucks getting stuck due to the heavy weight of the snow when the precipitation mixed with rain for a while. Huge thanks to SMA for working side by side with DPW crews!

Moving forward:

Today – DPW crews will work on widening path for streets that were being plowed during the night and start on some alleys; Park/Rec will work on clearing municipal parking lots. Goal is to clear snow emergency routes so residents will be able to park at home when the snow emergency declaration is lifted and get parking lots clear enough for residents who parked there overnight to get out. Clearing snow on sidewalks of municipal properties.

Tonight – 11pm to 7 am DPW/SMA crews will work on removing snow from Market Street.

Friday Day – continuation of plowing secondary streets and alleys. Code Officers and Parks/Rec employees will clear snow from city-owned blight properties.

Friday Night – 11 pm to 7 am Snow removal on Arch, Walnut, and Chestnut

Updates on plans will be provided as we make them. Hoping warmer temps starting Sunday and early next week will help. Residents may expect a street snow removal schedule according to the street sweeping schedule. More information will be posted if that becomes necessary.

This has been an extraordinary storm and it will take extraordinary efforts to recover. Please be patient, help your neighbors, and be safe!

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