Recovery Phase

We are now in the recovery phase of the snow emergency event.

Overnight last night combined DPW/SMA snow removal crews cleared the following:

- Fairmount Ave from Market to Reagan

- Catawissa Ave – all of it

- 5th Street between Market and Chestnut

- All of 4th St from south end at SMA to Turkey Hill on N 4th

- 2nd St between Chestnut and Arch

- DPW subcontracted 2 triaxles to move the large volume

Moving forward

- No snow removal tonight – crews are exhausted, equipment needs maintenance; flipping to day operations on Monday

- SMA personnel return to SMA duties.

- Monday – maintenance of equipment; garbage pickup; will put down salt and push snow as able.

- Tuesday – plan to remove snow the rest of 2nd & Wolverton

- Wednesday – plan to remove snow on Susquehanna Ave

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