How to Start A New Business In Sunbury

Are You Interested In Starting a New Business? If so this page will help you get started on making your business come to life!

Additional Steps for Restaurants or other businesses that sell for profit

  • First get an Occupancy permit ($108.50 one-time) this is handled by NEIC the 3rd party commercial inspection company for the City. If you need assistance from the City please feel free to call the Code Office.

  • You will need to obtain a Mercantile license ($100/yr.), which can be obtained from the Treasurer's office.

  • ​Once the Occupancy permit and Mercantile license are obtained contact the code office to speak with the Health officer to do the First time Inspection ($100/yr.)​

    • ​Food does not need to be prepared for the first inspection however a follow up is done after 3 months at no cost.​
  • Before Contacting the Liquor Control Board a health inspection must be done in order to get your liquor license

Food Trucks

  • Will Need to obtain a Mobile Food Facility Permit

    • Must bring the follow documents: Proof of Insurance, Copy of ServSafe, current food inspection report (If not based in Sunbury), and if based in Sunbury an inspection of Food Truck is Needed.​
      • If only serving packaged goods the fee is waived.

      • If serving unpacked foods the permit will be $50/6 months.​

  • If wanting to obtain a parking permit contact the Treasurer's Office at 570-286-4588


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